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This week's show is with Chris Lüttichau. Chris is the founder of Northern Drum Shamanic Centre, a UK-based educational organisation offering a renewed perspective on traditional shamanic and medicine teachings, and a safe grounding from which to learn them established in 1998.

He is the keeper of an integral body of teachings that he shares in workshops and ongoing training groups. The teachings cover a broad range of topics from healing and the art of dreaming to spirit contact and the way of the council. Chris is the author of the critically acclaimed book on shamanism 'Calling Us Home – Find Your Path, Your Balance and Your Inner Strength' published in 2017 and 'Animal Spirit Guides: Discover your Power Animal and the Shamanic Path' published 2009. He is an international teacher, and has appeared on TV on BBC 1, and in Denmark on TV2, and has given radio interviews in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

In this show, Chris and Lian spoke about intuition and clairvoyance from a shamanic perspective. They explored how it's actually a practical tool that's been vital for human wellbeing, even survival, the difference between intuition and instinct, and finally how you can tune into your intuition and make use of it in your life.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Intuition is a practical tool for survival in indigenous cultures and especially for the shamans - it's not a new age-y nice-to-have!
  • The difference between instinct and intuition is that instinct is sourced in the lizard brain - it's focused on the now, whereas intuition is from the soul and is accessed through the heart and 3rd eye. Intuition can be both spontaneous and also something we can proactively choose to listen to
  • Learn how intuition speaks to you, find someone to learn from, buddy up, play with ways to tune into it - for example, asking yourself "What's around the next corner?"

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