The Primal Happiness Show
Debt coaching 3 of 3. A Fly on The Wall Coaching Session with Viv Barclay

The final and truly transformative session between coach and money expert Viv Barclay and her client Emma around Emma’s debt issues and how she can find happiness.

What a brilliant episode this was – a must-listen for anyone with any kind of addictive thinking. These were my favourite parts:

  •  All thoughts are lies
    Our thoughts only have the meaning that we give to them.
  • How our thoughts create our feelings and experience
    And it looks really real! Nothing has changed physically for Emma but she feels completely different! I loved the bit where she talks about realising how amazing she is!
  • Thoughts fall into two categories: insecure and secure
    If the feeling isn’t good then it’s pointing to the fact that our thoughts are insecure and are going to be less helpful to take seriously
  • All addictions are created by addictive thoughts
    An understanding of the three principles helps us to see this
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