The Primal Happiness Show

The wonderful things that cancer showed me about life... with Bart Loos

This week we're exploring questions of life, death, pain, suffering and reality with someone who has seen more about these things than most.

Bart Loos shares his incredibly inspiring story of recovering from cancer and how that has shown him some very interesting things about the link between the mind and body and what that means for our experience of life.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How we're all living within our own reality bubble - during the experience of being diagnosed, treated and recovering from cancer, Bart saw more and more clearly how that experience was being created by his own bubble of thought and the same was true for everyone around him.
  • What happens when give up control - the cancer forced Bart to give up the constant battle for control over life that he and most people are fighting. Once he let go of that battle, he noticed that his mind was filled with much less fearful thinking and that he could make decisions from a calmer, more settled down place.
  • We ALL have access to this place of calm and clarity - what Bart talks about is true for every human being, including you.
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