The Primal Happiness Show

Looking at those thoughts and fears around money and debt so we can realise Financial Freedom and happiness... we've got the Transformative Coach and Money Expert Viv Barclay coaching her client Emma in their second session, using the three principles understanding.

It's a golden episode and there were SO many great points. These were my top three:

  • Thought addictions
    When we don't understand that thoughts create feelings we can get addicted to certain thoughts thinking that they're causing the great feeling. We can also swap an addiction from one thought for another.Emma's BOOM! Insight was:  "Wow! you could totally switch shopping for being addicted to exercise."Even though it seems that exercising makes us feel good, the feelings aren't coming from the activity, they're still coming from inside: our thinking about the activity.


  • The Thought Train
    Viv talks about feeling like a Thought Train is carrying us along and we can't get off it.  The train feels so real because we're always feeling our thinking but really it's more like we're standing in a departure lounge looking up a choice of destinations. We can't choose which thoughts enter our heads but we can choose which ones we board.

  • Not feeling good enough
    We often push ourselves to fit an image, to achieve or to look more attractive because we don't feel good enough compared to others or own expectations for ourselves. We don't often stop to question the truth of thoughts about ourself.Viv mentioned on of my favourite metaphors - the one about diamond, horse crap and nail varnish. As we start to see the truth of our own inner perfection, we start to love ourselves unconditionally and that happiness, love and acceptance for ourselves just radiates out like sunshine onto the world.
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