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This week is the first of its breed! It's the first Lian & Jono show in which we, Lian Brook-Tyler and Jonathan Wilkinson, go deep on a topic that we're seeing is coming up with our one-to-one clients. 

On this week's show, we’re talking about the super power vision. What we see comes up over and over in coaching sessions is the importance of having a vision, what happens when we don’t have one, and also why it’s vital to include all parts of life in your vision.

So many people don’t have a vision, And sometimes that just an oversight but we also know some people actually believe that it’s somehow a bad thing - or unspiritual even :)  to have one. So we’ll dig right into what’s going on there.  

When we have a vision it really acts as a powerful guiding light so you can be more present, open and adaptable to whatever’s showing up in the moment. 

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Firstly, what a vision is: It isn’t: Goals or solely achievements or a list of material items and it is: An holistic and aligned sense of how you’d like to be showing up in the world.  
  • Whether you’re aware of having a vision, you have one! You’ve either have a vision that you’ve consciously created or you’re living out the one you’ve been given by the culture you’re in. Why it’s natural to have a vision - Purpose/reason for being, for the good of our tribe, for the good of the generations to come, to honour our ancestors way, etc. So why not create vision that actually works for you?!
  • Get it out there by writing it down, drawing it or creating a vision board
  • And lastly, give yourself permission!
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