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This week's show is with Kerri Hummingbird. Kerri is a Soul Guide, Best-Selling Author, and Host of Soul Nectar Show where she interviews luminaries and spiritual thought leaders about essence and purpose. Kerri's has a powerful story of total transformation from a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and Manic Depression into being a renowned empathic intuitive healer and spiritual mentor.

Kerri believes that many empathic and clairvoyant people are being told there's something wrong with them, and are being given a pill for life, when all they need are some new skills in energy management, emotional transmutation, and awareness.

In this conversation we spoke about her traumatic and also beautiful story, her work with earth spirituality through healing through natural elements, and she shares ways you can personally use her practical approach to bring about healing in yourself.

This is yet again a great example of something that would come very naturally to us if we were living in more natural ways, and is a wonderful baby step back in the direction of reclaiming your primal power.

Oh and there's a bonus in this episode... Kerri's incredible singing!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • When we store trauma as a child (especially between the ages of 0-5), it isn't something that can usually be healed with words, especially if the trauma happened when we were pre-verbal. That's why it's so powerful to allow energy to be moved in other ways.
  • Instead of focusing on your sight and thoughts, focus on your experience, the sounds, the smells, the textures, your feelings. Reconnect to the consciousness of the earth, water, the four directions, the stars and the sky. Allow yourself to open up to feeling and knowing something new.
  • Create an earth painting by making a sacred space, finding objects to represent the parts of your life you'd like to change, breathe your feelings into the objects, and then be a witness to it. And when you're ready start moving the objects around and see what feels right. You can even burn or bury the objects if you like! I know this can seem like a really out there or woo thing to do but logically it makes sense to me that using tangible objects as metaphors to see your life from a new perspective could be powerfully transformative.


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